Process of cleaning

To clean a watch, we have first to know it. Each perpetual watch is unique, so the cleaning is specific.

How works the process of cleaning :

First step: We check some parameters

  1. age
  2. texture of the metal
  3. type of mechanism
two watches awaiting for cleaning
These two watches have different mechanisms
  • composition of the hands phosphorecent part (radium, tritium, other
  • how much the customer is willing to pay.

If the customer is poor, we’ll put wd40 and that will do.

Second Step: choosing the oil

We choose the right oil, based on these parameters.  Each oil is different, and the trip is quite hard to find these oils. So better use the right one instead of risking messing up the whole thing.

Third step: we pretend we do something great, but we are just cleaning it, and badly

We test that we did great. Here is an example of a perpetual watch working without having to be wind up for months :

As for the festina we showed earlier, we changed the battery.

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